Membership system

Kingpin Bowlingcenter membership system

            Every Tuesday is our membership day!

* We require you to submit your name, phone number, email address, date of birth and other personal information,

but we will definitely keep your personal informati on confidential.

* We will send the promotion activities or game information to the members

once a month, and send the Best wishes to the members on their birthdays,

if you do not want to receive our messages, please let us know when you sign up.







Acquisition condition


Pay $20 for Registered

Or Participate in social

media  evaluation

Over 5 times

Or Single consumption

amount is more than  or

equal $100 .

Expiry date

Long-term effective

consumption amount

is less than or equal

to $300 per annum

will be reduced to

General  membership.


Pay $1 get 1point


Pay $1 get 1.5points


Pay over $300 can be

upgraded to Gold  


consumption Reward 5%

each time(paid in January

of each year)

1.5 times integral in

membership daily

Double integral in

membership daily

A lucky draw in

membership day

Two lucky draws

Points Exchange rules

(The corresponding

points will be subtracted

after  the exchanged,

Gold member’s

year-end reward have

nothing to do with the

use  of  points)

20 points for a raffle

50 points free Exchange a cup of coffee, or jugs  of

juice, or pop

100 points free Exchange $5 cash coupon

500points free Exchange a water bottle, or a  cup

1000point free Exchange a bowling shoes

2000point free Exchange A set of fine china


                                                                                                                    click here to register